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about colin

Greetings…thanks for stopping by…

I write on a variety of topics that I am passionate about and have some experience with. Some topics include spirituality/mindfulness, flying and aviation, psychology and personal growth, and technology. My intention is to share meaningful stories that open the heart, challenge the mind’s perceptions and stimulate genuine curiosity.

Stories are one of the oldest forms of human connection and a means of communicating information using creativity which is highly effective in generating understanding. I see my writing as an offering and a way to build community through the exchange of ideas and experiences. I love reading others work on here to support that intention.

My life journey has taken many turns with its ups and down and along the way I have spent time as a US Army infantry soldier, obtained a BA and an MA in psychology, earned a private pilots license and a lifelong love of aviation, following a spiritual path for more than 35 years focusing on the teaching of Sri Ramana Maharshi and self enquiry plus a long term technology related career.

All I can say is – Be your unique self no matter what anyone says including your own doubts and fears especially. You are one of a kind and divine at heart and if you live authentically you will be a gift to the world.